Dinesh Shevkani

I am really happy that I had reduced around 5 Kg in my diet. All just because of Rekha Mam's  wonderful diet and exercise! The best part is that Mam is providing diet according to our needs and routine. I found Rekha Mam diet plan very good, contains protiens, carbs and much more as per needs. I suggest Rekha Mam's diet as best of all my experience! 

Once again Thank you Rekha Mam!!

Manoj Muduli

Lost 5 Kgs in 2 Months! So Nice! Point wise presentation!  I had not seen any where else. Met with 3/4 dietitians paying Rs 800. No use. For free this kind of detail presentation is a rare feet in ,,today's realistic world.

 I am really touched by your gesture! Do charge some consultation fees for your effort you are putting into it. Great for helping others!. 

Chandrasekhar Swain

 I have lost 12kg in 7 months and continue to lose more! I must say that after following Rekha Madam's diet plan, my lifestyle has completely changed for better. Earlier I have tried many different ways to lose weight and have always failed. She introduced healthier things into my diet. She also showed me how to increase my exercise so that my body would work more efficiently towards my goal.

Hussain Raza

"From bulky, heavy 262lb guy to not so bulky 220lb guy (Lost 19 Kgs in 5 months), freedietconsults.com helped me alot to achieve my initial weight loss target so far. I had a hectic working life working 12 to 14 hours a day without much movement. I was in dire need of some straight forward simplified path to weight loss for my not so active lifestyle.

Navnath Hajare

Not only lost 8 Kgs in 5 months but also feels more energetic and healthy! “freedietconsult.com helped me a lot to achieve my dream weight and I recommend it to everyone who is willing to lose those extra weights. If I can do it, you can do it. This is the only such website, where we get free personalized diet plan, free unlimited follow ups and guidance. Thanks to Rekha Ma’am for the great social service!”