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Nutrition is a basic prerequisite to sustain life. Nutrition has a major impact on our everyday lives. Learning to eat the right way can incredibly change how our body feels and what we can achieve. Proper nutrition helps to prevent disease. Eating an appropriate, nutritious eating routine offers numerous health benefits that keep us mentally and physically well. Appropriate nutrition does not mean starving our-self but instead means eating a diet balanced in lean proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Our free online diet consulting provides professional advice by educating people on their individual nutritional needs. We believe fueling our body with the proper variety and portion of foods at consistent times of the day will lead to a healthier life. A revolutionary site giving information, guidance and specialized value-added services which cover answering to one’s diet and nutrition-related queries. We provide personalized online one-on-one nutrition counseling, customized diet charts for weight management, diabetes, anemia, and various disorders related to heart, kidney, liver, cholesterol, and so forth. All these services are provided from the comfort and convenience of your own home and that too totally free!!

I, dietitian Rekha Mane, have the passion for nutrition and upgrading lives through adhering to healthy eating. I worked for six years with Wockhardt Hospital and MGM Hospital in Navi Mumbai. Since the last six years, I am working as a consultant dietitian with various hospitals and clinics in Navi Mumbai. It has always been my aspiration to create and promote good health and fitness through the good diet. My aim is to mentor, inculcate and inspire people about how healthy eating can contribute to bringing health, wealth, and joy together in their life.